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Shroud of Turin History

The Shroud of Turin history begins in the 1350’s. The Shroud was first located in the city of Lirey , France . Some historic evidences shows that the Shroud of Turin was previously in the East, initially in the city of Edessa and later in Constantinople, before it was brought to Europe during the Crusades.

Although this was the case, there were still significant amount of evidence suggesting that the Shroud of Turin existed prior to the mid 1300’s, but much of it is in fact were considered “secondary” and remains mostly unproven.

Later in 1453 the Shroud of Turin was handed over to Duke Louis Savoy, and followed the ruling capital Savoy and was later transferred to Piedmont.

Shortly after that in 1694 the Shroud of Turin was relocated once again and this time it has been kept (brief interruptions aside) in the superb chapel that Guarino Guarini built between the Cathedral and the Royal Palace.

Today the Shroud of Turin is presently kept in the round chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. Since 1983 the Shroud of Turin was left by Umberto II to the Pope in his will and ever since has become the property of the Holy Sec.

The most recent public display of the Holy Shroud over the last four centuries was in 1978. It was to celebrate the four-hundredth anniversary of its arrival in Turin.

Shroud of Turin History
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