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For many believers out there, they truly believe that the Shroud of Turin is indeed the shroud of Jesus, but after many pain staking hours of scientific and forensic testing and research there is not one study that can prove that it is the shroud of Jesus.

Proper carbon dating study was carried out, but can only give us a vague date beyond what history, archaeology and science have already told us, but it cannot confirm that this is the shroud of Jesus.

Other tests carried out by forensic medicine and botany (people who studies plants) found pollens on the cloth. Those pollens are believed to be from plants from the Jerusalem area. As well as this, forensic scientist also found bloodstain on the cloth which implies that the man under the cloth was put to death in the very same way that Jesus was. Although all these point to the direction suggesting it might be Jesus, but our historic records shows that Jesus was not the only person who was crucified in Jerusalem during that time. So again it cannot verify that this is the shroud of Jesus.

Facts from scientists tells us that this negative image found among the blood marks of a crucified man is not a painting and till this day it remains a wonder without explanation. If the mystery of the formation of the shroud image cannot be explained, so how can we say that the shroud image is the shroud of Jesus?

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