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Blood Man Shroud Turin Type

The blood man Shroud Turin type and the bloodstain discover on the shroud has been mystery ever since it was discovered. Many believers has defended that the cloth is not a forgery. They believe that the shroud dates from the time of Christ and it of miraculous origin. It is also claimed that the blood man Shroud Turin has an AB blood type.

Many scientists have spent endless hours examining and testing the bloodstains present on the Shroud of Turin. Traces of bloodstains where found throughout the cloth. In fact the blood stain Shroud Turin shows the outline of various parts of the body, enabling pathologists to exactly determine the position of the cloth over the body.

Tests were taken out by forensic scientists and chemists on the bloodstain Shroud of Turin and results show positive to those bloodstains were in fact to be created by real blood. Immunologists, fluorescence and spectrographic tests, as well as RH and ABO typing of blood antigens revel that the stains were human blood. Hence, this mean the bloodstains were formed by real human bleeding from real wounds on a real human body that came into direct contact with the cloth.

Forensic experts’ states that the blood stains were created by a man who was laying on his on top of the 14 foot fabric. The fabric was then draped up and over the man’s head, coving his face and entire length of the body all the way down to his feet.

The mystery of how the image was left by the corpse of a man who was beaten and crucified still puzzles scientists, believers, historians, and writers till this day.

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Blood Man Shroud Turin Type


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